Quilt Chats

What, you may be wondering is a quilt chat?  Quilt Chats are a very clever and creative way of presenting a Bible Study or even, a Sunday School lesson.
Actually they are something that Stephen's Aunty Robyn, has put together many of to teach object lessons on different topics in the Bible after she had studied them.  If I may say so myself,
Robyn's book full of faith-filled
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 Robyn is a wonderful studier of the Bible and memorises great chunks of Scripture to share with others.   Robyn and her husband Alan, are the senior pastors at the Range Christian Fellowship in Toowoomba where Stephen and I are the youth pastors.   
After listening to Robyn's Quilt Chat on Hope, I wanted to share these quilt chats beyond our church so I decided to start recording them and posting them to YouTube but also to transcribe them, and post them on my blog as there is such rich wisdom, sewn into each quilt.    I will link to them on this page as I complete each one, though currently I have only completed 2.  This is the story of how they came about: 
"When I turned 50, my family put in and they bought me a sewing machine, and I knew that I couldn’t make dresses, I’d tried that once and they all fell apart the first time I washed them. So I went to a quilting class and I discovered that quilting is the best fun and, well my husband says it became an obsession. I admit it did tend to take over my life and in the first two years I made 40 wall hangings and quilts, and so you can see that I was consumed with quilting.
After two years I really felt like God was trying to tell me that it was an obsession, and it was time that I laid it down and let it take it’s rightful place.  It took me about 6 months to be willing to give it up, but finally I hung up my needle and I gave up quilting and for 6 months I just yearned to quilt.  I’d stand outside quilting shops and look at the material, but over time and by the time six months was up that obsession had passed and I really had laid it down. 
Then one day my daughter rang me from Victoria, where she lives with her family and she told me about a mutual friend that was going through a really hard time, just lonely and feeling unloved I thought I’d love to make her a quilt.   I said Father could I please, just one, one quilt and that night I had dream and I dreamt of a picture of how it would be and the coulours and the patterns and I felt God was saying to maker her a quilt and from that point on quilting became a ministry.   I started to make quilts that I can use to  talk about the things that God has done in our lives."
Robyn's Life Story

 The Power of the Tongue

 The Holy Spirit
Nana Nell (Robyn's Mum)

 Eric Thorpe (Robyn's Dad)




  1. Love these, ministry quilts! I also love to quilt, and yes, it can be an obsession, so we need to balance that with all things before the Lord. :)

  2. The Tongue is indeed powerful!

    And I like the Eric Thorpe quilt, too.