Thursday, 23 October 2014

What is De Ja Vu?

Have you ever had that feeling whilst going through your normal day, that you’ve been there before, you spoken to that person about that thing before or you’ve had a glimpse of that situation in the past, but you know that you could not have possibly really been there?

I have that all the time, and actually so does my husband.   What does it mean?   I’ve been told by a number of Christians that it is of the devil but I don’t believe them and I’m going to tell you why. 

One day my husband was riding his bike with a friend in a particular area when he had flash back or prophetic fast forward of that scene in his mind where his friend had been killed by the truck and so he yelled out to his friend to be careful and the friend stopped riding and the truck drove on by. 

So if it was used to save a life, than why are Christians calling it bad?   I believe because they don’t know the roots.    See God loves to show us things that are going to happen in the future to encourage us, to warn us, and to show us how to pray.    These gifts are called prophecy and a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom, and are referred to in 1 Corinthians 12:  7But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. 8For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; 9to another faith by the same Spirit, and to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit,…

Who knows though that Satan loves to counterfeit good things so that we get confused and scared of them?  What God intends for good and our benefit, the enemy loves to distort. 

Here is an article that I found really helpful in understanding de ja vu, and perhaps it’s not the full picture but it’s a good start.

So have you experienced this before?  Was it scary or helpful? 
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

I first discovered Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie when my mother-in-law sent me a link in a an e-mail.  I must admit I didn’t watch it straight away, because to be honest, I found health stuff very confusing, but once I had watched this link, it seemed to me like a lot of missing pieces in my health understanding suddenly fell into place. 


Maybe like me, you would get utterly confused when walking into a chemist/pharmacist because there were so many bottles with similar things on them, with different brands, and they all claimed similar but different things, and like me you didn’t have enough money to experiment and see what did or didn’t work.   I’m now no longer confused, and I’d like to  tell you a little bit about this book and cd/dvd, because it has the power to dramatically improve your health, and I don’t say that lightly, as it has helped thousands and even millions of people who have suffered from arthritis, diabetes, depression, and 400 other diseases.   For some people like me, it has just helped with energy, and preventing my gums from bleeding (calcium deficiency), but for others it has helped them get out of wheelchairs.  


So, let me start at the start with this one.  Joel Wallach, the author, grew up on a farm in the US and noticed that they would feed their livestock extra minerals mixed in with their stockfeed, but not take the minerals themselves, but his father told him to stop asking tricky questions and get back to work.


It was a question that never left him and so he trained as a vet, and was involved in a project where he performed thousands of autopsies on animals that had died from ‘natural causes’.  He started discovering that these natural causes could be traced to mineral deficiencies, eg, a whole heap of turkeys that died from aneurysms, were copper deficient, and once the stock feed was supplemented with copper, the farm did not have that issue again. 


He also diagnosed the first case of cystic fibrosis in an animal – a monkey, and discovered that it too could be linked back to a mineral deficiency.   


Dr Wallach was very excited about all these discoveries because he realised that the mineral supplements would work equally well in humans as they would in animals, but the drug companies were not thrilled to hear this, and he was constantly quelled and ridiculed by them and other health officials.   


He decided to train as a doctor and on completing his course in half the time, opened a practice where he began to treat people with minerals.  His clinic was flooded with people driving from states away because the treatments were working when their own doctors had given up hope. 


Dr Wallach had also become involved in the network marketing company, Amway, in the evenings, looking for a good retirement fund, and was selling their vitamins in his clinic.    After various dramas with his business partners in his clinic, Dr Wallach thought that it could be more successful to sell the minerals that people needed through network marketing, and it would help far more people than just his little clinic could, and it certainly has.


After a few initial partnerships with other companies, Dr Wallach started his own company, Youngevity 90 for Life, because there are 90 essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that the body needs to stay at optimum health. 

He regularly conducts seminars on various health topics, and also sells the minerals that are greatly improving people’s health.     You can look up his seminars on Youtube, the most famous being, Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie, or you can buy his audio cd from here if you are in the USA, or here if you are in Australia or NZ.    If you are in Australia, and are interested, please let me know, as I have become a consultant and would love to help you on your journey, in negotiating which products would be best for you.   

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Compelled by Love: Caring when you Can't

So I'm writing for 5 minutes on Saturday because Friday escaped and several blog ideas are getting mashed in together.  It's a book review in the rawest of forms, it's what God is teaching me now and it's about being moved with compassion.   This is one of my favourite books, because God uses different books in different seasons to show us things.
Sometimes it's hard to care any more, when one more tide of bad news washes over you.  Another stabbing, murder, suicide, robbery, ebola outbreak, beheading, kidnapping, rape.  Some days I don't turn the news on because I don't want to know anymore.  Then my husband comes homes and tells me everything he's heard because he loves the news, and I just don't.    I've tried to make it a habit to stop and pray for the bad things I hear happening on the news and to get him to stop and pray too, even to put some time and thought into it. 
I do want to care though, I want my heart to break at what God's heart breaks at.  I want to live a life Compelled by Love, like Heidi Baker, a missionary in Africa who just pours out God's love.  Her life has a motto to 'stop for the one', even though she's a crazy lady who has stopped counting the amount of people God's raised from the dead through her, how many blind eyes have been healed, how many deaf ears heard.  The story goes though that when she first started going to villages, she would announce that God wanted to heal blind eyes, call everyone forward and pray for them . . . and nothing would happen, except the angry villagers would start stoning her and the team.   She had a promise from God and she cared, and she pushed through and came back, and back and back and God started acting mightily as she obeyed and followed Him.   
I sometimes wonder though whether I would have kept coming back, or run back to my safe compound when that first rock was thrown. 
Heidi's written a book called, Compelled by Love and it unpacks the sermon on the mount in the most radical of ways, challenging everything you ever thought life and love were about.  It's not something that we could ever live on our own.  We need God's grace, His supernatural empowering for life. 
How do we get to that place of living radical love?   I've tried doing it in my own strength, to force myself to go talk to someone and it doesn't work.  
 I was listening to a sermon last week about carrying and living God's Kingdom but the one thing that was highlighted for me was that Jesus was moved with compassion.  So often we pray for boldness to go and do God's work and while we need that, it's compassion that moves us, when we see things how God does, when we start crying out 'break my heart for what breaks yours' like in the Hillsong song Hosanna, albums Saviour King and All of the Above.
This audio clip  and script by Jennifer Toledo, who wrote Children and the Supernatural, talks about a fascinating vision God gave her and how He sees all the atrocities that take place on earth and how He wants us to see them. 
Sometimes love isn't pretty pictures and hearts . . .
Jennifer Toledo is one of my favourite role models, but like Heidi Baker, she is also crazy in the best of ways.  On one of her audio clips she talks about travelling into an incredibly dangerous area of Africa and how she just knew she needed to go talk to these people about God but the rest of the team didn't want to because they thought it was too dangerous, and they could all quite possibly get killed.  
My heart sunk when she said that because I knew then that I would be sitting with the rest of the team.  I mean, I've done my share of dangerous crazy stuff, avoiding 3 hold ups in one day in PNG, but I knew I needed some more of God's love, so right now I'm crying out for a heart of compassion.  I really do hope you can find time to listen to Jennifer's audio clip, because maybe God wants you too, to go to that radical place of love, to the weeping room that you'll find out about in the clip. 
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Friday, 10 October 2014

Children and the Supernatural

This book is a real favourite of mine, and it's author Jennifer Toledo, is one of my inspirations in Christianity. 

Do you want your faith stirred and inspired to the point of action?  Or perhaps you want to see your children communicating with God in a way that is beyond their wildest dreams? Enter Jennifer Toledo, a woman with a call of God on her life to inspire the children and parents of the nations.

I first heard of Jennifer Toledo when I was 16, speaking on a cd called the Undiluted Gospel, a message of how she found herself in one of the most famine-stricken areas of Africa as a single young woman, and the strategies God gave her to see the people set free, including children.  I found it again this year and played it for our  Tuesday night group to listen to.   Right towards the end she began to speak about how she was training to children to walk in the supernutral, a topic that we had been searching for inspiration on. 

We ran a Google search on Ms Toledo and discovered her new book, Children and the Supernatural, published by Charisma House.  This inspiring book records numerous testimonies of how God is working with and through children around the world.  She shares how she has seen God heal children of emotional, spiritual and physical disabilities and how she has led groups of children into African hospitals to pray for the sick, resulting in the closure of the hospital.  However, supernatural encounters are not just happening in Africa and other 3rd world countries, but also in America. 
Eyes that See &; Ears that Hear, is a revolutionary handbook written in a simple child-like manner, inspiring readers young and old alike, that hearing from God really is quite easy, and that the type of relationship God desires with each of us is revolutionary.  Describing God as a ‘chatterbox’ Jennifer encourages children to ask God any questions relating to their daily life before teaching them how to check that what they receive is indeed Godly counsel.  She provides activities to help them hear clearly and accurately before suggesting ideas that they can use in outreach.   We have just started  reading Children and the Supernatural to the children at our Sunday School, which has inspired them to start seeking God for what He wants to speak to them.  We will begin using Eyes that See & Ears that Hear this Sunday, and plan to work through the introduction with them this term.   

Children and the Supernatural can be ordered from Koorong, for Australian buyers, while Eyes that See & Ears that Hear is available from:!/~/category/id=1878695&offset=0&sort=normal

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Ministry of Cards

Cards can be such a ministry as you give them out to people and use them to encourage, bless and even speak destiny into people's lives.   I don't always remember to get the card to people on time for their birthday or event, but a card is just as powerful turning up a week late or even unannounced.  It could dramatically change that person's day. 
I heard of this pastor once who sent a card to every person from his parish past or present on their birthday, and the person telling this story said it made such an impact on him, because the pastor sending the cards would really pray into what to write.  
I can't say I send that many cards but I'm trying to improve a bit, and I have used Ann Voskamp's calendar that she uses to write down daily gifts, as a birthday calendar on my fridge.  (You need to subscribe to her library to get access to it, but it's FREE)
Sometimes it's a bit tricky to figure out what to write in a card, has anybody else ever had the issue where you've written a message on one side and you would really like to write something meaningful on the other but you just can't think of anything?

 I love writing in card lines from songs, they just bring a beautiful depth to the card and even give the other person a prayer to pray.  Here are a few of my favourites . . .

God, I look to You, I won't be overwhelmed, give me vision to see things like You do - God I Look to You, by Bethel, album Be Lifted High

Let my walk speak loud, and my words be true, let my life be whole, with my eyes on You - Centre of My Life by Hillsong London, Shout God's Fame album.

Be still my heart and know, that You are God alone, stop thinking so much and just let go - Be Still by Bethel on Tides Album.

Have you ever tried writing a quote from a book on that blank side or printing off quotes from the internet that you could use?   A few books that I like for good quotes are any of Lisa Bevere's, particularly Fight Like a Girl because I made a journal with all her quotes from that book and illustrated them,  A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and of course the Bible, and if you're thinking that you aren't a particularly creative person to be making cards, keep reading because I have a brilliantly simple idea for you!

(I bought the cards blank on clearance at Target, tore up some bits of coloured paper,
stamped or punched over the top and then stuck words on each card.  I made 17 in just over an hour)
I love recycling; and I hate waste.  Really, I go to extreme measures some days to avoid it.  Like when I first got my job at the vege shop and decided to turn a box of limp and somewhat slimy mesculun lettuce into pesto because I couldn't bear to see it thrown out.  Well Stephen and I sat on his front verandah with a food processor on a long extension lead and blended up that box.  We made 4 litres of pesto and never again.  The reason we were on the front verandah instead of at a more normal place like a kitchen bench, you ask?  Well it was just me and him in the days of courtship and the neighbours were preferring to laugh at us than chaperone.

Anyway, back to the point.  My sister brought me a bag of old craft catalogues, and then I found a couple more at Lifeline yesterday.  Well what was I to do with them?  Ah, I thought and thinked and thunked some more and finally, hey presto, not pesto and I had the answer.
Instead of buying the products out of the magazines to make the greeting cards, I would cut out the photo of the completed product and stick it on my own greeting card.  Cheating, but hey, they actually look great, I've made heaps of cards and I still have about 20 magazines left to go through.  This lot is from only half a magazine!

And this cute bird card?  I made it for my sister-in-law who just had a baby girl.  The birds are cut our of scrapbook paper, and the middle one from a Pollyanna book.  See the little bird hook on my saucepan hanging wall?  I used that as my stencil and inspiration and then cut more hearts out from Pollyanna to stick in middle of the birds.


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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mudhouse Sabbath: A Book Review

Mudhouse Sabbath  (Girl Meets God)

Lauren F. Winner

Have you ever wondered what some of the old Jewish traditions talked about in the Bible really are, or if they are relevant to our today and living in our Christianity?  I have, in fact I ponder it a lot.  I realise that there is a lot of symbolism and richness to be gained from some of these ancient practices and I love to embrace them into my home. 

 I knew practically nothing of them until I met Stephen when I was 14, but as he and his family had just come back from a 6 month volunteer stint in Israel, the practices and traditions were very much a part of their lives, even as they told stories about Kosher and the Shabbat. 

I loved listening to the audio book Mudhouse Sabbath, the musings of a Jewish girl turned Christian as she remembers her past and combines her Christianity with the ancient practices of her people. Not to gain any more favour with God, because Christianity is faith but she just explains the old traditions so beautifully, and how they can bring more richness to our journeys. 

 She explores the ideas of the Sabbath, how she would keep it in the olden days and how she keeps it now, about candle lighting, Jewish weddings, the prayers they say and why, and how by saying the same thing over and over it defines our very being, and it keeps us on track.

 She shares about the way they mourn and how very different it is from us and yet how psychologically it is very healing.  She even explores customs relating to how the Jews think of aging. 

 Yet none of it condemns, rather encourages us to keep pressing forward in our journeys with God and explore the roots of the Jewish tree that we have been grafted into.

 I even contacted Lauren to see if she could do an interview with me about this book and a number of others she has written but she was actually busy rewriting Mudhouse Sabbath for a reprint, so if you find Jewish customs interesting, you will definitely love this book!
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Our Crazy Wedding

This month, we have been married 3 years, and mostly it’s been fun.  Someone told us that come day 21 of married life the wheels would fall off and we would both need a strong cup of coffee.   Thankfully that didn’t happen because at the time I didn’t drink coffee. 

I wanted to tell you about our wedding, though because it was quite different as weddings go, and there was a reason for that.    You see, we had invited a lot of workmates, many of whom didn’t understand the whole God thing, so we wanted to share in a fun way about that, so this is how we did it. 


Let’s take a look at ancient Jewish wedding for a minute, and I’ll share how it mirrors what Jesus did for us on the cross. 


So first, the Father picks out a bride for His son and the go together and bargain with girl’s Dad.  A brideprice is worked out and then she is called in and given a drink of wine.  If she drinks it, preparations begin for a wedding, if not, all the bargaining has been in vain.  The Jewish culture, I think as the only culture where the girl had any say in whether or not she would marry the guy that had come calling for her. 

So if she did accept the cup, the groom would give her gifts and then tell her ‘I’m going to prepare a place for you, and then I will come and take you to be with me.’ 


Anyone recognise this in Scripture? 


The bride would then begin a process or purification and sanctification getting ready for his return.  She did not know when that would happen, and actually neither did he, only His Father would make the call when He had determined the new home was ready.   


However, she had to be prepared at all times and have her lantern, ready and full to go with him at any moment, because more often or not, the groomsman came in the night, blowing his shofar to take her away to be with him. 


* **

So after that little explanation, let me share with you how we got married!

So to begin with,


Stephen blew the shofar, (I'll explain this later) and then I had three of my flower girls dance down the aisle with purple ribbons to the song ‘Wait for Me’ by Rebecca St James, followed by another 3 scattering silk flower petals from baskets, and then two of my sisters, Ria and Raelee, followed by another 5 bridesmaids.  All the bridesmaids carried unlit lanterns, and I carried a bouquet of flowers.


Quick pause, to tell you about the dresses; Stephen’s Mum made mine but then it had to be altered by Mum and a group of ladies from our church a month before because it didn’t fit!  Mum made my sister’s dresses and the other four purple dresses, were the bridesmaid dresses for one of my boss'es wedding ten years prior.  I found one of them in the dress up box at her house and recognised it from her wedding pictures on the wall. I then proceeded to ring all her bridesmaids and ask if I could borrow the dresses for our wedding.   They all graciously agreed, fished them out of their dress up boxes all over the country, and sent them to me, and amazingly they fit my bridesmaids perfectly, even though the dresses were sizes, 12, 10, 10 and 6.

Okay, unpause and I will continue.  Stephen and his Dad played some worship songs about the Bride of Christ on the piano and ukulele, before we got down to some fun. 

So, set up on each side of the room were little arches to represent our homes, which Stephen had made.  He and his Dad came over to bargain with my Dad about the bride price, while Pastor Alan narrated. 
“In the Bible days, it was common culture for the Father to seek out a bride for His son.  When he found an elligeble prospect, He would approach the Father of the girl to negotiate  a  bride price.”


Stephen and his Dad held up a sign of two camels, at which Dad shook his head, followed by a sign of ten camels, which Dad also shook his head at.  Dad held up his own sign of a John Deere tractor and held up 2 fingers.    After much umming and ahhing, Stephen and his Dad agreed and shook hands with my Dad.  (Don’t worry, there wasn’t really a brideprice, it was all acting to portray God’s story through Jesus to our friends.)


“Once the bride price agreed on, the groom to be would offer a cup of wine.  IN accept this cup she would agree to the covenant. 

In the same way, God the Father, sought out a bride for His son.  With His own life the Son paid the brideprice and with His own blood He sealed the covenant.”


At this point Stephen offered me a cup of grape juice, which I accepted, and then he said, “ You are now set apart and consecrated to me.  I am going to prepare a place for you.  I will come for you when it is ready.  I will not drink again of this cup, until I drink it with you.”


So Stephen and his Dad wandered back over their side, where Stephen nailed up a home sweet home sign to the front of his arch, while Alan continued narrating, and the bridesmaids and I lit our lanterns in preparation 

“The bride began to prepare herself for her wedding day and her husband went away to prepare a place for her.   In the same way, Jesus said this to his followers in John 14:3.  We are living here on earth waiting for His return.

When the groom had finished preparing he would blow his shofar, a ram or goat’s horn to announce his return.   In the same way, the trumpet will sound when Jesus returns for His bride the church.”

So, yeh, Stephen and his merry men blew their shofars and came to find me and my maids, at which point, our crazy wedding ceremony became slightly more normal and Alan married us in the traditional sense of rings, vows and the kiss, our first by the way.   

We  then signed the register while my two bosses played the flute and keyboard and we shared communion together, however it was not over yet and there was a further message a friend gave on the Bride of Christ, and the team I had travelled to Papua New Guinea with the previous year, came and prophesied over us. 

Our wedding went for a ridiculously long time, and my word of advice is to not have 5 songs to sing and two messages, though the acting part was great fun.  I knew at the time that our wedding would be different, but it isn’t until I look back now, that I realise how very different our wedding really was, a concept that many people echoed, though they all said they absolutely loved it!    Many of the Christians said it was the first time that they had realised the connection between an ancient Jewish wedding and how we were the Bride of Christ and the non Christians said it really gave them a different perspective on Christianity. 

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our crazy wedding!

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