Dad and Me In PNG
An interview with myself about the who, why, what, when and where of the book. (Because I can)

What is it about:   Going on a mission trip to a third world country as a 14 year old is an event that would rock any teenagers world, and it certainly rocked mine.  Seeing the vast cultural differences, learning bits and pieces of another language and eating 'ass bilong bandicoot' as it is delicately put, certainly changes your world view. However, it was not this cultural cocktail that changed me from a mouse to a lion, but the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who is Dad and Me in PNG for:  It is for you, or your teenager, or someone in your family who just doesn't get the whole Christian/God thing.  I wrote it very story like and in 3rd person, so it is an easy read, or read aloud.  I've had non-Christians read it and find it very helpful and I wrote it to help people understand who the Holy Spirit is and what His job is, (and what a difference He will make in your life.)

 When did I write itI wrote it immediately after my trip to Papua New Guinea in 2006, but don't worry, it's not full of 14 year old grammar errors, it sat in a drawer for 5 years before I polished it up and got it professionally edited and then sent ito the publishers who edited it again.  

 Why did I write it:  I wrote this to record my trip but also to inspire others about missions and to bridge the gap between very traditional, conservative Christians and those Pentecostals.  

Where did I publish it:  Amazing story.  When I was young and had no money, I was looking at publishing options and despairing over how much they cost.  God told me not to worry because He would make sure the right publisher landed in my inbox when it was time.  Crazy, huh.  Even crazier though was when that happened and I got an e-mail advertising Creation House.  So I saved up my pennies and went back to PNG in 2010 twice because one of the requirements was that everyone in the book had to sign their name to allow it in the book.   Amazingly I found everyone, but then when I came home I was broke again.  So I saved up all my pennies again as a vege delivery driver and in 2012 I sent them my manuscript.  It said that it would take over a week for a response but I got one the next day saying yes!    It was expensive yes, I bought 3,500 books at cost price, plus a hefty amount of shipping and customs tax to Australia but I look at it as my 'uni investment'.  Many young people invest in going to university, I invested in a book. 

Remember how I said I bought 3,500? Well nearly 3 years on and I've only distributed 500 of those through personal sales, so because it is the 2 year anniversary of my book publication soon, I'm giving away 2 organic, PNG vanilla beans with every sale of the book through this website.   

Dad and Me in PNG is available through numerous online retailers, including Koorong and Angus and Robertson. 
It is now also available via this website for a price of $14 including postage. (One book only, and only within Australia.  For prices on larger quantities of books, please contact me at


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  1. Vanilla beans seem like a good incentive, Lizzy!

    After page 16 DAD AND ME IN PNG is great.