I am a dancer.  I find it a fun way to exercise and a wonderful way to worship God. 
I dance with ribbons, banners and the tambourine.  I have also trained as an instructor with Living Dance, and I teach dancing once a week at our church.

For some people, dance belongs firmly in a ballet classroom and not in a church sanctuary while others believe it should not enter the doors of a church.  Dancing is a beautiful expression of creativity, but dance in the church has become a topic of heated debate.   I hope I can help clear up some of the issues around dance in the church, and please if you are firmly against it, I would love you to read these anyway, as some of the Hebrew meanings of words in the Bible are surprisingly active, passionate verbs.   

Here are some questions you might have and a few answers that I have put a lot of thought into.

Is it ok to let my little girl dance?
Have you ever wondered about the use of banners in the Bible and in the church?
What about the tambourine?
Perhaps what the original Hebrew words for praising God actually mean?
Have you ever seen a dance that really shouldn't have been performed in the church, and one performed in the field that was an expression of worship? 
How do we teach children to worship?

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