Youth Pastors
 My husband, Stephen, and I have recently been appointed the Youth Pastors and Children's Ministry Directors at The Range Christian Fellowship Toowoomba.  This is a new and exciting journey for us. 
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Our heart is to see young people saved and set free, and those that are young at heart too!  The Workshop will be a safe place to Meet, Grow, Glow and Go.   Meet for a meal and fellowship, Grow in God's Word, Glow from His Glory, and Go onto the streets and tell the Good News.    The Bible says we are to be fishers of men, but once we catch the fish, they need to be cleaned up.


We are also involved in the ministry of Victorious Ministry Through Christ on which the book 'Dad and Me in PNG' is centred.  This ministry is a fantastic tool to clean up the 'fish'.   I have spent much time in prayer rooms with other members of VMTC, both ministering to people and being ministered to.
Victorious Ministry Through Christ is an international and inter-denominational ministry to Christians.
Be set free from painful experiences, addictions and generational sickness and poverty. Release yourself from prison using the tool of forgiveness.
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Dance is a beautiful medium to express worship through, and it seems that more and more churches are taking this on board, with a variety of styles including tambourines, banners, ribbons and liturgical dance.  This is a ministry I have been involved in since 2007, and I am now teaching dance to other young girls/women in our church.  I have done recent training through Living Dance International. 

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