Monday, 30 June 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1. We found a little red heater on our honeymoon with ‘spice’ written on the front.  Very appropriate, however it blew up last winter.  L

2. I love pizza, and that’s why I needed to find a remedy to Erin’s colic.

3. The picture above is a perfect example of Friday Randomness from my sister Raelee.

4. We are taking a morning off from Sunday School this school holidays and visiting another church, and it was absolutely very refreshing.

5. We just put in a little herb garden at the back of our house. 

The Pebble Pond


  1. Saying hi from -
    We LOVE pizza here too!

  2. Dropping in from Random 5 Friday - I have been wanting to put in a little herb garden. maybe i will finally do that soon.